Welcome to Green Jade Blog! 


Here you will find a lot of interesting and fresh info about topics like:

  • health (mental health, staying fit and healthy, ways for acheiving a good balance for your wellness and many more),
  • beauty tips (natural remedies and products to keep your appearence clean, young and refreshed),
  • yummy receipes (homemade food is by far the healthiest, being able to chose and control everything you put on your dish and prevent health issues i.e. expired ingredients, unhygienic cooking conditions and so on.),
  • interior design (since the way we live and how we organize our private space can have an impact upon our mood and our state of confort),
  • and last but not least, there is a page for counselling regarding psychological issues (i.e. questions from readers regarding their current, day to day emotional and psychological problems to which i will try to offer a professional, straightforward opinion.)


Mihaela Sandu

Psychologist, nature enthusiast and sometimes beauty guru 😀