UV rays, temperature changes, daily cosmetics, frequent use of hairdryers, hormonal changes, and especially stress and atmospheric pollution, come in time to leave their “marks” on the health and beauty of your hair.

The hair becomes more fragile, breaks easily, it can lose its characteristic shine, and in time its vitality and flexibility.

Hair mask for dry, friable hair

That’s why it’s important to give some “love and care” to our capillary adornment in order to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Argan oil and lemon juice mask is the perfect remedy for tired, matte and dull hair!

Ingredients you will need for this natural hair mask:

  • an egg yolk;
  • half a teaspoon or a full teaspoon (depending of the hair damage) of argan oil;
  • a spoon of lemon juice;
  • a teaspoon of olive oil.

Argan oil and lemon juice mask


  • an average bowl;
  • a towel;
  • a whisk.

The Recipe

Add all the ingredients in the bowl at a time and then mix well with the whisk a few minutes.

On the pre-combed hair, apply the resulting mask and stretch it well over the length of your hair ( you can apply with your hand or with a cosmetic brush)

Gather your hair into a bun and covered it with a warm towel for 15-20 minutes.

Then use your regular shampoo and wash your hair as usual.

Argan oil mask and lemon juice mask for healty hair!


In wintertime, after applying  the mask and shampooing, you can add a few drops of argan oil to the more damaged areas of your hair (usually the ends) and even to the scalp (massaging for a quicker absorption).

For optimal results, apply the mask in the evening before washing your hair and, if possible, let it dry naturally. Thus, the hair will be able to absorb all the nutrients offered by the mask.

For long-lasting results, apply the argan oil and lemon juice mask regularly (at least once a week).

Over time, you will notice how your hair will become brighter, supple, easy to stylize and less prone to split ends.

A mask so easy to put together and with great benefits for the health of your hair!

So take your well deserved time off and enjoy this therapeutic hair mask!

I got my inspiration from:

Argan Farm